Working in event management means knowing how to adapt. Constantly.


We’re getting to an event. The stage is smaller than expected… or the costumes have been forgotten by the organization.


We’re adapting.


The Covid-19 is completely changing the face of world events. It’s going to be quiet this summer!


But at UKA, we refuse to feel sorry for ourselves and complain.


And we do what competent artists do: we adapt.


Who needs entertainment right now? Where could we bring joy?


In seniors’ residences.


Between the fear of the virus and the boredom created by reduced visits, our elders are in great need of human contact and laughter.


We therefore worked together with a residence for the logistical organization of preventive measures for the comfort and safety of its residents.


Then Tommy the Athlete and Simone the Champion invited themselves to animate our seniors, but especially to make them move and bring them happiness.


A unique experience that we will remember for a long time. 😊


We are already swarming with plans for this summer. No festivals? No problem when you’re resourceful.