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Immersive acrobatic experience, sensory, digital, … In short, a modern experience that is always creative.

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It will be our pleasure to create with you a concept that reflects your image! The Uka Team will use innovation to highlight your event objectives. We target your objectives, decide on a theme and establish your parameters in order to adapt our experience to your needs!
… In any case, we help you design it or we design it for you!

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Circus Acts

Are you looking for a moving act to bring distinction to your event? Create a souvenir with a Uka circus act.


Uka Expresso
Specialized circus act of half-duration (2:30-3min.) adapting to a tighter budget who still wants a punch, a wow guaranteed!



Uka Specialties
Complete and specialized circus act, a complete and WOW act to make you and your guests live a unique moment! Enter our Universe, our Circus of Possibilities!



Uka’s One and Only
An integral, specialized circus act that stands out for its unique appearance. Uka offers you the crème de la crème from renowned and unique artists. Offer the best of the best, the Unique Uka experience!


*Number of artists involved in the variable act: solo, duet, trio, …


Endless possibilities!

We had Kassandra and Alexandre at our Christmas party, and our colleagues had a blast! Impeccable experience, from project discussion to delivery! Looking forward to working with UKA again!

Ariane Poirier

Hilton Québec

The owners and artists are all very professional and talented. The performances were greatly appreciated by the organizers and the clients of the activity. The artists really took the time to understand the concept of the event and came up with costumes and ideas. Enterprising, passionate, attentive and creative artists, I recommend UKA Productions for the success of your events!

Camille Fournier

Victoire Événements et Web

Two dynamic young entrepreneurs for whom professionalism and customer satisfaction are paramount. They took the time to understand what I wanted for my “vintage circus” themed event, it was a real pleasure to work with Alexandre and Kassandra and the act was sublime.

Marie-Laurence Bélisle

Hôtel Château Laurier Québec

Facilitate the organization of your event!
Our unique formulas will adapt to your needs.
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Ambulatory Circus Characters

Circus Animation Characters

The immersive Uka experience

Mobile animation among the guests of your corporate events, weddings and office parties for an immersive experience. Our characters meet your guests and perform their personalized prowess. Acrobatics, hand balancing, carrying, juggling, object manipulation and more to blow your mind. A great way to entertain your guests in an original way and make a connection with the purpose of the event. Whatever the nature of the event, our characters adapt perfectly to your clientele, your needs and your atmosphere! An animation that will make your event remarkable, classy and lively! A perfect concept for Instagram photos!

Stilt Walker

Surprise your guests from high!

Add height and perspective to a gathering. A good old circus classic that’s updated and can be seen everywhere. A perfect concept so that the theme of the moment can be seen at all times.

Smart animation is also about making it useful. Welcome your guests from the top with this animation that will add a glamorous and refined aspect to your event’s cocktail party, happy hour, networking evening, gala and parties. In short, this concept is a “must” to engage and interact with your guests from the moment they arrive. Surprise your clientele with this colourful circus concept and charm them with our different characters that are always charismatic. Indoors and outdoors, this imposing animation is appreciated by all. Guaranteed entertainment and also perfect for Instagram photos!

Human Statue

Innovate in the way you greet your guests and animate the discussions from the start!

Like real statues, our characters will add a lively element to the decor of your occasion in addition to being proudly inspired by your brand.

Frozen in time, they sometimes unwind gently, animating the curious who approach their statues. An original circus animation like we rarely see. Chivalrous, chic and glamorous, our human statues are an eye-catching element to add a unique touch. At the entrance, in the cloakroom or in the room next to the guests, add a charming glamorous circus animation that will please everyone, for a gala, happy hour, cocktail party or any other occasion where you deserve to get dressed up.

Specialized animation concepts

Acrobatic servers

Personalized service of wines, appetizers or any other need. An immersive and utilitarian animation service that creates quite a buzz. A great way to liven up discussions over a drink and connect with your guests. Definitely, acrobatic entertainment that adds class and awakens the senses!

This acrobatic service is also popular for those who want to showcase their products. A creative way to stand out and attract the attention of your potential customers and then generate their interest. Make them connect directly with your products and present yourself in a memorable way. Therefore, it also lends itself very well to trade shows and festivals.

On the ground and in the air!

Down-to-earth concepts

Like a living set, this concept presents the artists in all the splendour of their art. Add a strong touch of glamour to your event with this concept, where the artist can perform in his or her speciality and, as the event unfolds, give free rein to his or her creativity by taking inspiration from the moment, the ambient music, the ambiance, a product, the theme, and the strategic guidelines set for the activity.

It is also possible to highlight one of your products or services with this concept.

On the ground and in the air!

Modeling and Body Painting + Circus Animation

Have you thought about using templates to represent your image? If innovation and making your concept an original realization is a priority for you, here is the solution that is completely out of the ordinary!

Uka lends herself to modeling and body painting! Attract more customers and give style to your image with creative ideas. Otherwise, make your events stand out with distinct creations and add a Uka touch! Whether it is for product/clothing presentations by circus disciplines, for advertisements or as ambassadors, Uka meets your needs!

Master of Ceremonies (MC), Theatrical Characters and Clown Characters

Strong and coherent links to form a whole!

Introduction, presentation, transition and conclusion, linking like a thread the different elements of the evening, the story and/or the theme of the evening with short interventions. These characters are a “must” to make the concept of the evening a success. Can also link a dinner-show concept with theatrical and/or clown interventions to make it a whole, a coherent concept.

In a protocolary, poetic, authentic, theatrical or clownish form, always entertaining and always with the goal of going straight to the point of the gathering.

Special Projects

Facilitate the organization of your event!
Our unique formulas will adapt to your needs.
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Animation for young people and families

Circus and Entertainment Characters
Clown characters
Stilt walkers

Stories and funny things, I promise!

Mobile animation among the guests of your corporate, youth and family events, adored by the organizers of neighbourhood parties and also of large family events. Our characters walk around and entertain young and old alike with their acrobatic prowess, funny stories and jokes. Acrobatics, hand balancing, carrying, juggling, object manipulation and much more to amaze you and surprise everyone. A beautiful way to amaze everyone’s eyes. Whatever the type of event, our colourful, charming and entertaining characters adapt perfectly to your clientele, your needs and your ambiance! An animation that will make your event spectacular and remarkable!

Character(s) + Circus workshops

Combine character(s) and circus workshops! Click here to find out more about our circus workshop!

Facilitate the organization of your event!
Our unique formulas will adapt to your needs.
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Let our customers tell you about their UKA experience.

Magical, elegant, surprising, stunning, the work of Kassandra and Alexandre transports you to the time of their performance. Working with these two exceptional artists is a real pleasure, the result is assured. Hiring these two artists for your events is to ensure that your guests experience a moment rich in emotion, and of the highest quality. If I could put 10 stars, I would!

Nathalie Gauthier

Vision Concept

A very beautiful presence. A simple game, both funny and full of little “punches” making it very interesting to watch. A contact with the audience: not only is the audience watching you, but you’ve been able to include them from the very first minutes (*it’s very innovative in 2020 to involve the audience). A rigorous follow-up throughout our exchanges (this I appreciate very much).

Mélissa Paquet

Carnaval de Québec

We were lucky enough to call upon the animation service for a corporate evening with one of our clients, everything went perfectly and the guests loved it. Alexandre and Kassandra are really nice and talented! They can adapt to all your needs. I will be using them for other contracts and I will recommend them to you without hesitation.

Sara-Ève Boucher

Bombes Créatives

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