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A Circus Of Possibilities!


Unique, Kassandra and Alexandre and their team will simplify the organization of your projects with their distinct artistic and athletic commitment. UKA artists are pushing their limits, setting their own path and exploring new horizons to offer you a world of turnkey performance possibilities. That’s why for an UKA artist, nothing is left to chance: rigorous training, healthy lifestyle, research of detail, openness, cultural exchange to inspire their creativity and, of course, the pleasure first to offer you first-class performance and experience!

United, this Unit will offer you a Universe of Unique Possibilities.”

UKA, a creative universe of possibilities! UKA, a Circus of Possibilities!

Facilitate the organization of your event!
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Special Events, Collaborations and Corporate Events
Formulas, concepts and numbers of High Range to dazzle you! UKA gives itself the means to offer you top level performances in turnkey packages to simplify the organization of your event. No time to organize your event or you do not know where to start? No problem, UKA can also take care of your event!

Community Involvement and Youth Sector
Aims at commitment of UKA in its community and encourages tomorrow’s succession. Whether by recognizing the involvement of others in the community, major issues such as health and the environment, or by encouraging and introducing the world of circus to young people by offering them great opportunities, UKA is committed to supporting you through their universe, their Circus of Possibilities. Because we must all do our part!
As in all aspects surrounding UKA, the company is always working with the focus of the SPL: Safety, Pleasure and Learning!

A universe and numbers developed to dazzle audience. High quality and committed shows that will not leave you indifferent. Reflections, pleasure and memories for young and old.

Artists and Founders

In all their complicity, the elegance of Kassandra combines with the strength of Alexander will make you live moments sometimes dazzling, sometimes comical or moving, but always magical. The result of their constant efforts is quality work. These athletes who invest 100% in their profession will introduce you to the magical aspect of the circus to the point of making you forget your everyday routine!

Whether as a straps and hoop specialist or as a general artist, on stage, their authenticity is sincere and contagious. Dedicated and passionate artists, their go-ahead and hard-working minding and their agility to outdo themselves allow them to enrich themselves day after day.

Working across Quebec, Canada and internationally, Kassandra and Alexandre are passionate about their profession by playing as much in front of crowds of 8000 people as by getting involved in their community and with young people. Together, they created UKA, a circus company which specializes in corporate and special events, youth and community events and shows. The JPA 2019 Gala at Le Capitole de Québec and the launch of the year 2019 at the National Museum of Fine Arts are two of several achievements in which they had the chance to put heart and circus to the success of the event. These artists also work in collaboration with other circus companies including Cirque Éloïze with whom they were part of the first edition of the show Nezha. They are also part of Dominic Lacasse’s close team as a Flag Man and as a general artist. Finally, they also performed on the show Dragao directed by Quebec author Bryan Perro.


A self-taught is someone who educates himself, without a teacher. An organized person, who works alone, without hesitating to ask for advice, and who redoubles efforts to achieve his objectives: plan his daily training, maximize his fitness to perform well, look for new movements, design new figures, collaborate with other artists. Being self-taught and developing as an artist requires hard work and constant effort. This is what best describes Kassandra.

Dedicated and determined, she is a circus artist who continually want to develop. Her hard-working mind, her hard-working character and her agility to surpass herself allow her to enrich herself day after day.

A little dancer since the age of 3, she has been able to evolve in a variety of styles ranging from ballet to hip hop through lyric, ballet-jazz and contemporary. Also in love with circus arts, she will transport you to her unique world combining her two arts of movement.


Work hard. Go beyond limits, take on new challenges, always want to excel, impress. Alexandre is someone determined who does not stop working to achieve his goals. Completely passionate about his job, every moment spent working is only a part of pleasure.

Specialist in aerial straps, but also enjoying himself in many other circus disciplines, Alexandre graduated in June 2018 from the École de cirque de Québec. Ex-hockey player, his interest in circus came from the creative and cooperative side that reigns in a teamwork as in the realization of a show.

Love, work and have fun to stay creative and awake.

Be engaged.

Native of Rimouski, he loves the challenge, the projects and above all the show!

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