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Ambulatory Circus Characters

Want to surprise the gallery?

Ambient animations among the guests of your events, your weddings and your office parties. Our flying characters walk and animate your guests with their personalized prowess. Acrobatics, handstands, lifting people, juggling, manipulation of objects, roller skates, etc., our circus characters will full your eyes. These animations are ideal for corporate and for youth and community activities, a great way to entertain your guests in an original way. No matter the type of event, our characters adapt perfectly themselves to your customers, your requests and your atmosphere! An impressive animation that will make your event spectacular and remarkable!

– Ucrobates
– Chic Circus
– Chic-Burlesque Circus
– Clown of fear


Our circus heroes at the service of your community!

Acrobats and public entertainers, the Ucrobates have more than one tricks in their bags: ambulatory animation, aerial animation, parade, etc. These circus heroes do everything: acrobatics, handstands, lifting people, juggling, manipulating objects, roller skates and more! It will entertain you with their unparalleled complicity that will dazzle more than one. Whether to entertain during a cocktail, to attract attention during a 5 to 7, to set the mood for the party or to impress the children with their prowess, the animation of Ucrobates, very appreciated by the customers, is a must!

Sweet Fairy

Add a delicious touch of sweets to your event. The Sweet Fairy will make your occasion more magical.

A colorful character with a sweet character, she will animate your children by giving them candies*, stickers or more, and telling them about her adventures with her magical friends. The Sweet Fairy is perfect for festivals and family celebrations. She can be in ambulatory animation and/or as a youth concept with activity.
* Must have the agreement to distribute the candies


1.Ambulatory animation: The Sweet Fairy walks around on the site of your neighborhood party, tells her adventures and distributes candies*, stickers or others.

2.Youth activities

1. Sweet cupcakes!
The Sweet Fairy is invited to your child’s birthday party to add a touch of sweetness. Together, they will cook their own cupcakes and, as a finishing touch, they will decorate them with the icing and candies of the Sweet Fairy! Replace the purchase of a party cake with this fun and interactive activity where kids will learn to cook while having fun and creating their own desserts!

The Sweet Fairy arrives at the party with all the ingredients, icing and candies. The pre-prepared recipe includes 18 portions (can be more). The kids will help her mix everything up and divide the recipe into 18 small cupcakes to bake. While waiting for the cooking, they will seat at the table with the icing and the ornaments in order to each decorate their cupcake. When they will be ready and decorated, they will be taste them and be proud of what they have achieved!

Ingredients provided:
– All purpose flour
– Baking powder
– Butter
– Sugar
– Eggs
– Milk
– Vanilla
– Color frosting and decorative candies
** Possibility of making them gluten free or taking into account allergies


2.Sweet friendship bracelets!
The Sweet Fairy is invited to your child’s birthday party or at the pool party to add a touch of sweetness. Accompanied by children, they will make friendship bracelets with colored beads and candy ornaments! A beautiful interactive and creative activity that creates sweet and colorful friendship between children and the Sweet Fairy!

The Sweet Fairy arrives at your home or at the activity with its cords and jewels!

Fantastic Beasts Tamer

Add daydreams and follies to your event. The Tamer will make your occasion more fantastic!

Our Fantastic Animal Tamer will no doubt entertain you with his stories and his madnesses. Through his most charming animation, he will tell you stories, share real facts and wacky anecdotes about his adventures and the fantastic animals he rubs shoulders with. The Animal Tamer is a colorful character with countless adventures that will make your activity even more colorful. Adored by the organizers of neighborhood parties and pool parties, this animation is a perfect mixture of jokes in the form of ambulatory animation and/or in the form of youth activity.


1.Ambulatory Animation: The Fantastic Animal Tamer walks around your festival or your neighborhood party by presenting animals and telling his adventures: what to entertain young and old.

2.Youth activities

The Fantastic Animal Tamer arrives at home with his suitcase filled with animals all strangest of each other. He launches the festivities by presenting his latest conquests and telling you his wildest adventures.

Choice of activities then:

1.Bricolage me your fantastic animal (3 to 5 years)
Now that you know the animals of the Tamer, now it’s up to you to show me what is your fantastic animal that inspires you. We draw, we tinker and then present our animal to our friends. Can you tell me where he comes from? What does he eat? Is he fat? Is he small? How can we capture it? We discover together all these fantasies.

The Tamer comes with everything: papers, pencils and stuff to do!

* Variant (3 to 5 years)
Create your fantastic lizard The Tamer has just found a fantastic lizard, but he has not had time to analyze it yet. By drawing on a drawing template provided, the children will have to find together the characteristics of this animal: its name, its color, its habitat, etc.


2.Treasure hunts
Now that animals have been discovered, the Tamer announces great news. As it turns out, there would be a fantastic animal hiding in the house. Let’s get on his trail with the first Tamer’s hint! There follows an educational treasure hunt in the house (no matter your house). The children will discover during their journey interesting facts about animals out of the ordinary. Let’s go on an adventure!

Prerequisite: Parents must be complicit. Upon arrival of the tamer, parents will receive clues to hide in the house. On the back of these clues it will be marked where to hide them: under a kitchen table, behind the door of the child’s bedroom, in the fridge, etc. Obviously, parents will be able to take advantage of the Tamer’s presentation to hide the clues.

Result: The party will discover a beautiful little animal that he can keep.


3.Learns to become a true Animal Tamer
Put yourself to the test and learn to become a real animal trainer. You’ll learn how to capture them, how to blend into the scenery, how to do acrobatics to get to beasts previously inaccessible.

Example of tests:
-Play the pearl in a target to attract the gaze of curious animals;
-Melt in the background by learning the basics of a camouflage makeup on the forearm;
-Learn the different cries of animals;
– Learn to roll to better move discreetly;
– Learn to make a tripod to make you look like a tree.

How to tame them? You will know everything!

Needs: The Tamer arrives with all the material.


Parade signed UKA, our professional circus artists will bring fantasy and acrobatics in your parade.

Acrobatics simultaneous, synchronized or even superimposed, add a WOW! insured to your parade. Countless possibilities of spectacular animation are available to you to make the result memorable. Tell us your ideas to make the parade of your event even more remarkable!

Aerial animation

On freestanding bracket structure or on hook-on point

Decorate your event with distinction!

Like a living decor, our aerial animation is one of our most popular animation concepts in cocktail and 5 to 7. Clinging to our freestanding hang-up structure or ceiling-mounted hang-point, our circus performers will enliven the guests of your evening with their impressive prowess above the ground. Combining impressive movements of flexibility with unparalleled movements of strength, our circus performers always perform on your background music. A wonderful living décor, ideal for trade shows and networking events, where people can go about their business without having to stop for a while. A turnkey service signed UKA, a unique concept and must for a reception at the height of your expectations.
* We have all the equipment to carry out these types of installation.

Stilt Walker

Surprise your guests from high!

Add great ideas to your occasions! Impress your guests with this animation that will add a glamour and refined look at your event cocktail party, your corporate 5-7 event or your professional networking event. Surprise your customers with this colorful circus concept and charm them with our charismatic characters. Ideal for galas, for festivals and parties, inside and out, this impressive animation is highly appreciated by everyone.

Stilt walker Sir: Our elegant stilt walker Monsieur will seduce you with his imposing posture and his sweet gallantry. Attentive and generous to your guests, everyone will quickly fall under his spell. In the sight of all, he will attract attention!

Other themes available:
Poetry doll (with poï)
-More soon!

Human Statue

Innovate in the way you welcome your guests and lead the discussions from the outset!

Like real statues, our gilded characters will add a living element to the decor of your occasion. Frozen in time, they sometimes get to gently weave themselves by animating the curious who approach their statures. An original circus animation as we rarely see in galas or benefit evenings. Character gallant, chic and glamorous, our human statues are an eye-catching element to add a unique touch to your cocktail/5 to 7. At the entrance, at the cloakroom or in the room near the guests, add a charming glamorous circus entertainment that will please everyone.

Flip ToP Circus Workshops

Safety, fun and learning for all those who like to move, discover and get together!

Completely FlipToP circus workshops are turnkey services that can be produced at a neighborhood party, festival and/or birthday party. During the workshops, learn different disciplines: handstands, juggling (balls, pins, diabolo, etc), acrobatics, manipulation of objects, etc. When the places allow it, we can add the slackline. The animators, professional circus artists, are there to help you learn and to give you demonstrations. This service is unique and family oriented: it is aimed at children, teenagers and adults alike. The workshops are very popular and are great activities to make events gather.

It is also possible to add complementary services such as makeup and balloon sculptures.

On demand!

Do not stop at our offer of services available and let us know your request. We will be happy to create with you a concept to your image! The UKA Team innovates for you, in addition to having several artists and therefore a multitude of circus disciplines to highlight your event.


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