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Duo Straps

Looking for a touching number to bring distinction to your event? Create a souvenir with UKA’s duet strap number.

In this high level circus act, Alexandre and Kassandra will charm you with their contagious complicity. Love each other with a tender love, the two circus artists take advantage of each moment of the performance to live, together, “Their last minutes”. This performance of aerial straps perfectly marries the strength and agility of one with the flexibility and elegance of the other creating a synergy breathtaking: what to make dream all your guests. This Unique and Magical concept, often acclaimed by the public, is touching and sincere. For a gala or a cocktail, in a dinner show or for a wedding, no matter the occasion, the aerial duo straps act of UKA is a safe bet to add a WOW! to your event.

Aerial Hoop

Do you try to tell your loved ones that you like them? Delicacy is a way of talking about love. Thanks to those around you for what they bring you with this hoop number.

Dancing on the ground, dancing in the air, the aerial hoop brings to the spectator the pleasure of dancing and being rocked. A feeling of freedom that makes young and old want to excel, to learn, to impress and to evolve. This circus act mixes elegance and creativity allowing a beautiful and sincere connection between the public and the artist. This High Level performance draws eyes and attention in a show or at a most successful event.

Aerial Straps

Want to talk about authenticity to your guests? Charm them for sure with this number of strength, agility, but especially sincerity.

Using his power to his full potential, Alexandre presents his colorful straps number. A perfect number for adding a plus in a gala or a cocktail party. Imposing build and unreal strength, you will see it moving with ease in unimaginable and almost magical positions. His poetic performance is a balance between the strong and sensitive man. Recognized by several big names in the field of circus, Alexandre presents an outstanding number that will surely charm the guests of your occasions. Impressive and amazing, this act is perfect for all types of events: wedding, benefit evening and so much more!


You are meticulous, but also blundering? This number is at your image!

Balanced about fingertips to the end of the toes, let yourself be tempted by a handstands act that will impress you with its Comic and Dynamic concept. Presented by a charming clumsy waiter, this circus performance is ideal for laughing and having fun on a big occasion, mainly at a 5 to 7, a cocktail party or a networking event. This high-level acrobatic performance gives guests a great time that definitely adds a WOW! to your event. What a winning recipe to add a sweet touch of clowning!


The more the merrier, the more we laugh! No crazier than the neighbors, rest assured to be entertained with our clown The Fantastic Animals Tamer will make you sincerely laugh!

Wacky animals, assured laugh and happiness in abundance, you will have for everybody. Colorful word games make this circus act a professional and varied service that can be presented in 5 to 7 or opening show. This service adapts to all concepts and events. This performance will surely win the hearts of your guests.

Circus Jam

Get up the party with this extraordinary circus performance.

A dynamic and punched number which gathers a multitude of circus disciplines: acrobatics, handstands, juggling, poï, lifting people and even more: something to put you in full view! A Unique, Glamour and Festive performance close to your audience, for your audience. Breathtaking prowess that will add a catchy acrobatic look to your party, your cocktail or your promotional event. With this Circus Jam, it’s the party guaranteed!


Our versatile artists have all the talents to offer you what you dream of! Numbers for all your events: evening, gala, 5 to 7, wedding, party, etc!

Our duo hip-hop number features two secret agents, the Men in Black, who, dressed in tuxedos and smoked glasses, will conquer the hearts of your guests with their rigid and festive character. A dynamic and catchy number that will launch your events in style.

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Do not stop at our offer of services available and let us know your request. We will be happy to create with you a concept to your image! The UKA Team innovates for you, in addition to having several artists and therefore a multitude of circus disciplines to highlight your event.


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Our unique formulas will adapt to your needs.
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